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-Yesterday Whispers 27th November, 2015 - (Updated At-07:45 PM)
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This is History (126)

Sher Shah was a brilliant organizer and his government was active and efficient.





AAP to end up as regional party

Given the recent developments and skirmishes both within and outside, it is now being said that AAP would end up as regional party.



Will Rahul be able to revive Congress ?

Looking into the change in Rahul Gandhi in the past few weeks, Congressmen are now hopeful that if all goes well, he may be able to revive the party.




Chat with a respected Friend ..

Whenever I'm in Shimla I meet a very elderly and respected retired Bureaucrat a way during my formative years he did guide me quite a bit . We meet at the India Coffee House...

Me: Sir you know I feel I am plugging in my recharger whenever I meet you !
Sir: I look forward to meeting you guys (he mentored quite a few youngsters) .. and I get out of my monotonous daily regimen..walk ...Tea....Crossword ....Coffee ....walk.... TV my prophecy coming true ... BJP doing what it did under ABV and Congress doing what it always does!

Me: Yes Sir.... I feel bottom line is for majority of Indians ....its 'what is there in it for me'....inflation. .. I Tax ... Sops...
S: That's why we remain a Developing Nation ...a Nation in which Merit is not recognised ...where uneducated vote for uneducated/Matriculates... where we keep our own house clean but care two damn hoots about the common areas..
what else can you expect!

M: Do you think Government needs to reboot???
S: This is Kalyug ..if baby did not cry Mom would not feed it .... Media has the potential to make or Government has a very innovative plan to develop Andaman ..10000 cr ... but Media has blacked it out ... why... most are subjective for obvious reasons ... some report based on Social Media reactions ...I know of one Channel that takes up issues in their 9 o'clock news show based on Twitter reactions on various if # by Congis trending then Congi line and if by # by BJP trending then BJP line ..

M: Some Journos complain they do not get Government responses to their questions they end up printing one sided stories !
S: Baloney ... with such high subjective content what do you do... any answer Government gives will be twisted like Tea leaves are treated to make CTC Tea... example .... Government is asked Tea good ... Government says different hot beverages have own benefits ... Media .. Government is baised against Tea... and then starts the subjective reasoning ...and historical, regional , religious connotations!

M: Suit Boot and Intolerance ..what's your take Sir??
S: Suit Boot I think was Laloo's invention for Bihar ....Congress latched on to it...the message was ....this Government is for Business ......Government not hitting back by saying ... who opened Bank doors for people in torn rustic attire ..who Insured them..who gave them loans .... who wore Indian Attire to meet the Queen...who wears Indian attire during Overseas trips... BJP's inept handling made it worse for them...

M: And Intolerance ....
S: Oldest trick in Congress's book ... yes soon the truth about Dadri and the Haryana burnings will come out ... but problem is damage via repeated bombarding has been done a drunk girl slaps a innocent guy.... if the drunk angle is not reported for whatever reason ..this poor guy would loose his ostracised....face a Police investigation ... so what if ultimately the truth comes out ..his life is already hell...and when truth comes out his tormentors will say ... we were oblivious of this angle ... and its he who got slapped ..but as a girl slapped him he is automatically guilty of ..misbehaving etc... same here it's Minority ...Majority is put in the dock ...fact is wherever Muslims are in Minority they question law of the land ... and where they are in Majority ... Sharia is the law of the land!

M: Sir did you view Rahul's interaction with Students in Bangalore yesterday ...
S: Problem is unless one is not a 24x7 politician one should not go in for such interactions ...briefings are not enough... and in this age of live coverage how can you fib about what is clearly evident via the coverage ... clearly the Students gave a Thumbs Up to Swach Bharat and Make in India ....its like having egg on your face and then you 'encourage' fried eggs being cooked on your face! And honesty does not come in percentages.... what is the meaning of ..relatively honest?????

M: What now Sir ...
S: There is no better Ad campaign than the target audience feeling the benefits of the product ... but ...on profiling like Intolerance ...BJP has to react strongly ...control fringe so that fuel is not added to fire ... had some Leaders not made comments post Dadri... Opposition would not have got a handle ....on issues like inflation which immediately affect Hoi Polloi be proactive ..communicate like you are also feeling the pinch ...and measures that will show results in some time ....keep Nation updated ! We can blame the Media .... Opposition ....but like it's Government's job to run the Parliament ..similarly it's Government's job to handle gaps in formation to the Public!









56 appeared for interview of Chairman, CCI ?

Altogether 56 persons, including about one dozen serving and retired Secretaries in the Government of India, have appeared for the post of Chairman, Competition Commission of India (CCI).




IAS officers told to resign to be CMD, NTPC ?

All the 13 IAS officers who have applied for the post of CMD, NTPC have reportedly been asked to resign from the service if they are keen for the post.






New CBDT Chairperson orders likely on Nov 30

Government is likely to to issue orders for the appointment of new Chairman of CBDT by the end of this week. Present Chairperson Anita Kapoor is scheduled to retire on Nov 30.







Four Assam-Meghalaya, 4 Odisha cadre IAS officers are GoI secretaries

The four IAS officers of Assam-Meghlaya cadre including VS Oberoi of 1979 batch, KD Tripathi of 1980 batch, Anoop K Srivastava and Rajiv Yadav of 1981 batch and four of Odisha cadre including G. Kumar, JK Mahapatra (both1979 batch), Anita Agnihotri of 1980 batch and Ranglal Jamuda of 1981 batch are Secretaries in the Government of India.







Who will be new CIC ?

New Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) in the Central Information Commission is unlikely to be appointed on December 2, the day on which the term of present CIC Vijai Sharma is coming to an end.







B S Bassi to be IC ?

Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi is likely to be appointed Information Commissioner (IC) and not Chief Information Commissioner in the Central Information Commission.






CWC moves proposal for two members

If sources are to be believed, Central Water Commission has started process to fill up the two vacant posts of Members in the Commission. It is said that a proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Water Resources in this regard.






15 IPS officers retiring in November

As many as 15 IPS officers are retiring in November, 2015. The officers are: Tarin Prasad Das and Navneet Rajan Wasan of Andhra Pradesh cadre; Sumit Kumar of Bihar cadre; Shrinivas Vashisht and Ranbir Singh Sharma of Haryana cadre; Richard Lakra of Jharkhand cadre; P Chandrasekharan and Vinson M Paul of Kerala cadre; Manohar Singh Jamra of Madhya Pradesh; Shahid Ahmed, P K Siddharth, Tarun Baron Roy, Nepal Chandra Das of Manipur-Tripura cadre; Rajinder Singh of Punjab and Banibrata Basu of West Bengal cadre.







Cadre of Rajesh Singh transferred to Jharkhand

The cadre of Rajesh Singh has been transferred from Assam-Megahalaya to Jharkhand on the basis of physically handicapped policy. He is a 2007 batch IAS officer.






D Venkateswarlu returns to parent cadre

D Venkateswarlu who is on inter cadre deputation to Telangana, has been repatriated to his parent cadre after completion of term. He is a 1996 batch IFS officer of Jharkhand cadre.





Transfer of Judges to continue

The CJI designate Justice T S Thakur has made it clear that there was no declared policy of transfer of judges and the same would continue.




Wadhwa is new Ambassador to Italy

Secretary (East) in the Ministry of External Affairs Anil Wadhwa has been named India's new ambassador to Italy. He is 1979 batch IFS officer.

(We said this on Sept. 25, 2015)







Orders of Dr Mohapatra for Director (Pers), SAIL issued

The orders of Dr N Mohapatra, ED, SAIL, for the appointment as Director (Personnel), Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) have been issued by the Government of India.
(We said this on Sept 2, 2015)







Orders of Deependra Singh for CMD, IREL issued

The orders for appointment of Deependra Singh, Director (Marketing), IREL, for the post of Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL) have been issued by the Government of India.
(We said this on July 31, 2015)






Kanwar Singh joins as Director (Civil), SJVNL

Kanwar Singh, ED, NHPC, has recently taken over the charge as Director (Civil), Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited (SJVNL).
(We said this on July 28, 2015)






IPS postings in West Bengal

Siddhanath Gupta will now be Police Commissioner Asansole .Ramesh Babu has been appointed inspector-general of police, north Bengal. Gyanwant Singh has been appointed the IG, western range.






PESB yet to send second name for CMD, JCIL

Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) is yet to send second panel for the post of Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Jute Corporation of India Limited (JCIL) after first selected candidate Sahadev Khatua failed to get CVC clearance.






Anita Chaudhary is Independent Director of EPIL

Anita Chaudhary has been appointed Independent Director of Engineering Project India Ltd. (EPIL). She is a former 1976 batch IAS officer of Haryana cadre.






Desiraju is Independent Director of BHEL

Keshav Raju has been appointed Independent Director of BHEL. He is a former 1978 batch IAS officer of Uttarakhand cadre.






Rajesh Kishore is Independent Director of BHEL

Rajesh Kishore Has been appointed Independent Director of the BHEL. He is former 1980 batch IAS officer of Gujarat cadre.





Swaminathan is Independent Director, BHEL

R Swaminathan has been appointed Independent Director of BHEL. He is a former IFS officer.






VK Gupta to be UP, DGP

If UP government chooses to appoint 1982 batch IPS as new DGP then chances of VK Gupta are bright. Presently he is posted as DG, Police Housing. His retirement is due in January 2017 whereas assembly elections in UP are due in Feb 2017. This only point could go against him.






Praveen Singh ahead in DGP race?

Praveen Singh DG, CB CID is said to be ahead in the race for UP, DGP. He is also a 1982 batch IPS officer who will retire in late 2017.






Three Laloo favourites get good assignment in Bihar

Three Laloo favourite bureaucrats including Sudhir Kumar, R K Mahajan and Brijesh Mehrotra have been given important assignments in the new regime.
(We said this on November 23)






P Viswakannan appointed as Associate Professor, IGNFA, Dehradun

P Viswakannan has been appointed as Associate Professor, Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA), Dehradun on tenure deputation. He is a 2003 batch IFS officer of AGMUT cadre.






B Jayaraj returns to parent cadre

Upon return from deputation, B Jayaraj has been appointed to the cadre of Southern Railway. He is an IRTS officer.





Dr. N K Sinha appointed as Director, Expenditure

Dr. N K Sinha has been appointed as Director in the Department of Expenditure. He is a 1996 batch IES officer.






Virendra Singh appointed as Addl. Economic Adviser, DEA

Virendra Singh has been appointed as Additional Economic Adviser, DEA. He is a 2001 batch IES officer.






C R Swai transferred to South Central Railway

C R Swai presently in SECR has been transferred and posted to South Central Railway in the cadre. He is an IRTS officer.






Ram Bilash Meena posted as CIT in PrCCIT office, Delhi region

Indian Revenue Service officer of Income Tax cadre, Ram Bilash Meena has been appointed as CIT (OSD) in the office of Principal CCIT office, Delhi region.






Post of Joint Secretary vacant in Defence

The post of Joint Secretary has been lying vacant in the Ministry of Defence in Government of India.






Post of Joint Secretary vacant in Agriculture & Co-operation

The post of Joint Secretary has been lying vacant in the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation in Government of India.






Two IAS officers get fresh postings in MP

G P Shrivastava has been appointed as Secretary, Revenue while Mrs Sunita Tripathi was made Secretary, State Election Commission in Madhya Pradesh.






2 IAS officers shifted in MP (UPDATED)

J N Malpani has been appointed as OSD in the Secretariat while Shobhit Jain has been given an additional charge of Commissioner, Scheduled Caste Welfare in Madhya Pradesh.






Pankaj Saran appointed as Ambassador to Russian Federation (UPDATED)

Pankaj Saran, currently High Commissioner of India to Bangladesh, has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation. He is a 1982 batch IFS officer.

(We said this on Sept 25, 2015)






Sushil Kumar Singhal accredited as Ambassador to Guinea (UPDATED)

Sushil Kumar Singhal, presently Ambassador of India to Republic of Angola, has been concurrently accredited as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, with residence in Luanda.

(We said this on July 15, 2015)






Kuldeep Ranka is also Chairman, Seeds Corp Ltd in Rajasthan (UPDATED)

Kuldeep Ranka has been given an additional charge of Chairman, Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation Limited Jaipur in Rajasthan. He is a 1994 batch IAS officer of Rajasthan cadre.






Chairman of ICHR resigns ! (UPDATED)

Chairman of Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), Yellapragada Sudershan Rao is reported to have resigned from the post .






A K Srivastava selected as Director (Tech), CPMCIL (UPDATED)

A K Srivastava, GM, SPMCIL, has been selected for the post of Director (Tech), Security Printing and Minting Corporation Limited (CPMCIL) at a Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) meeting held on November 27, 2017. As many as eight persons were interviewed for the same.





Three IPS officers get fresh assignment in MP (UPDATED)

Milind Kanskar has been assigned an additinal charge of ADG, Narcotics, Indore while D Shrinivas Rao was given the charge of IG, SAF, Jabalpur range and Kartikeyan K is Additional SP, Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.





2 more IAS shifted in MP (UPDATED)

Anand Kumar Sharma has been posted as Additional Secretary, Secretariat while Tarun Kumar Pithode is Collector, Rajgarh in Madhya Pradesh.





Sasmal given addl charge of Director (Projects) of Power Grid

Union Ministry of Power has given additional charge of the post of Director (Projects) of Power Grid Corporation of India Limited to R P Sasmal who is Director (Operations) of the company .






Ravi appointed Director (Commercial) of PFC

Union Ministry of Power has appointed D Ravi as Director (Commercial) of Power Finance Corporation Limited






Three Independent Directors cease to be on Board of NMDC Ltd

Dr Noor Mohammad, Vinai Kumar Agarwal and Mahesh Shah have ceased to be the Independent Directors of NMDC Ltd






Kenjale resigns as Independent Director of Cybertech Systems and Software Limited

Prakash Sitaram Kenjale has resigned as Independent Director of Cybertech Systems and Software Limited due to personal reasons






Seemakurti resigns as Non Exec. Director of Ankit Metal & Power Limited

Ramesh Seemakurti has resigned as Non Executive Director of Ankit Metal & Power Limited





Kanoria appointed Independent Director of ITI Limited

Saday Krishna Kanoria has been appointed as Non-Official Independent Director of ITI Limited






Shadagopan has resigned as Director of PTC Industries Ltd

Narayanan Shadagopan has resigned as Director of PTC Industries Ltd




Kanoria appointed ASSOCHAM President

Sunil Kanoria has been appointed as President of The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)




Agarwal appointed CS of Modi Naturals Ltd

Modi Naturals Ltd has appointed Ankit Agarwal as Company Secretary of the company.





Mittal resigns as CFO of Alchemist Realty Ltd

Alok Mittal has resigned as Chief Financial Officer of Alchemist Realty Ltd








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No service like ITS

I agree with Swaraj Puri. There is no service like ITS, this is self acquired during telephone days. They are selected through combined Engineering CPWD, MES etc.


Junior above senior

KD Swamy on IAS of 1981 batch bossing over IRS of1978 batch. Is an IRS of2005 batch working as joint commissioner ready to accept and respect his colleague promoted as joint commissioner from the level of inspector?

Prof. Dr. L R Aggarwal

7th pay commission recommendation

Pensioners new pension as on 1/1/2016 can be easily determined by multiplying present gross pension by 24 & again one has to refer to talble-4 &5 of 7th pay commission's report ,wherein new pay matrix explicitly gives the method to compute new basic pay as on 1/1/2016 & as mentioned point to point fixation can be given to old pensioners under OROP (one rank one pension) with same length of service, higher of the two computed figure will be new pension


Threats from psycho terrorism

Why is it that the post of Secretary, Defence or Home or Finance is rated higher than Secretary, Culture or Secretary, Youth affairs or Secretary, Social Justice & Empowerment? If this riddle were to be honestly analysed it would be found that India has so far neglected its Soft Power in comparison to Hard Power. While wars take place occasionally or terrorists strike at gaps of months/ years, the psycho terrorists strike 24x7 non-stop.How else one solve the intolerance puzzle or award wapsi conundrum? When attention is not paid to selections for awards, the unworthy get away with them. Similarly, all autonomous bodies are turned into fiefdoms of a coterie of the selected few who can do anything for remaining in power, even going to the extent of filing an affidavit in the court saying that Lord Ram is a fictitious entity or whatever the authority chose to write. Now that unexpected change of government has happened, they are sore to lose those privileges and are cut up. Now they will not decide on cultural troupes to be sent abroad, a great source of wielding illegal power and influence. Naturally, for them it is "intolerance" of India. They are blaming not only the government but India. They are threatening to go to foreign countries to attain that tolerance as if without them India will come to a standstill. Nothing will happen, excepting the country will register newer heights in all spheres of culture. India's Soft Power can't be entrusted in poor hands as the defence of the country cannot be entrusted to a wimpish General!

M L Gupta

Golmaal hai, sab golmaal hai

Most of the first category studious students in the country become Engineers and they work in private companies. The private companies are run by second category studious students who have done Commerce, MBA etc. Most of the third category studious students, who have done arts, become Civil Servants. The private companies go and bow before the Civil Servants. The 4th category students, who either fail or have not completed their studies, become Politicians. The Civil Servants bow before the Politicians. The 5th category is the people, who have not at all studied. They become Sadhus/Priests. The Politicians bow before the Sadhus/Priests inquiring about their fate.








Duplicate degree

The appellant sought for the enrollment number & roll number of a student who was enrolled for the BA course in the year 1993 & passed 3rd year in 1995. The information was denied claiming that it is very difficult to manually search for the old record as computerization has been done from 2006 onwards. The appellant submitted that the degree certificates of the student were snatched and destroyed by her stepmother. The CIC directed to search the relevant record and provide the information along with the duplicate certificates.


Many cases have been brought to the public notice where students are running from pillar to post for getting copies of the old records. It is the duty of the public authority to ensure proper upkeep of the documents in its control.

Citation: Anil Kumar Punjani v. University of Delhi in Case No. CIC/SA/A/2015/000950

Weekly article by Dr. (Mrs.) Anuradha Verma (, RTI Consultant to IIM, Indore. Her other articles can be read at

(, RTI Consultant to IIM, Indore and Co-author of the books: RIGHT TO INFORMATION - LAW AND PRACTICE and PIO's Guide to RTI by Taxmann. (The views are Personal)









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