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-Yesterday's Whispers 29th June, 2015 - (Updated At-04:50 PM)
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Railway Minister is now AK Antony !

Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu is increasingly being compared to AK Antony of the Congress. The commonalities between the two are lack of decision and abundance of committees.





After Indira Gandhi, Modi has done it ?

A veteran bureaucrat has a feeling that there is a similarity between Late Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi. After Indira Gandhi regime this kind of empanelment at Secretary and Additional Secretary level in the Government of India has been done by the Modi Government.



One rank one pension issue to largely affect vote bank

One rank one pension (OROP) issue is all set to largely affect the vote bank at least in the states viz. Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bihar. These are the states which have large chunk of Army votes.








Sanjay Mitra
K Gnanadesikan
Four Chief Secretaries have not been found fit for empanelment to the rank of Secretary in the Government of India. They are all 1982 batch IAS officers. They are, West Bengal CS Sanjay Mitra, Telangana CS Dr Rajiv Sharma, Punjab CS Sarvesh Kaushal and Tamil Nadu CS K Gnanadesikan. Is there any political message?
Rajiv Sharma
Sarvesh Kaushal




Two Chief Secretaries empanelled
D S Dhesi
Rajiv Gauba
Haryana Chief Secretary D S Dhesi and Jharkhand Chief Secretary Rajiv Gauba have been empanelled to the rank of Secretary in the Government of India. Both are 1982 batch IAS officers.






Madhya Pradesh cadre killed !

It seems Modi Government has killed the IAS cadre of the Shivraj Singh Government in Madhya Pradesh. All the eleven IAS officers of MP cadre belonging to 1985 batch have been eliminated as far as empanelment to the rank of Additional Secretary in the Government of India is concerned. Are the bureaucrats of Shivraj Government incompetent ?







West Bengal tradition continues !

It seems as if one particular state, West Bengal, is living up to its long time tradition of none of its Chief Secretaries holding post of Secretary in Govt of India. Even current CS, 1982 batch officer, Sanjay Mitra, (who was appointed CS, after current party came to power, superceding officers even 5 batches senior and was hailed as the youngest ever CS to be appointed) has not made it to the list of 1982 batch officers empanelled as Secretary. Only time will tell when this tradition will be broken.







Gautam Sanyal promoted as Principal Secretary

Secretary to chief minister Mamata Banerjee, Gautam Sanyal has been promoted as principal secretary. Gautam Sanyal has been associated with Mamtaji for a long time.







Orders of Sanjeev Tyagi for Chairman CPCB soon

Formal orders of Sanjeev Tyagi as Chairman of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) are to be issued in a week or two. He is a 1988 batch Indian Forests Service officer of Gujarat cadre.






15 IAS officers in MP facing inquiry

Maximum 15 IAS officers belonging to Madhya Pradesh cadre are facing inquiry against complaints.






Experts to replace IES officers in NITI Aayog

Now experts according to the recommendation of the re-structuring committee will replace Indian Economic Service officers in the NITI Aayog.






Lt General SK Patyal to be GOC of 14 Corps ?

Lt Gen S K Patyal is being tipped as GOC of the Leh based 14 Corps.







The Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) has invited applications for the post of Chairman-cum-Managing Director, BEML Limited falling vacant next year on July 1, 2016. Those willing to apply can send their applications to the PESB before August 26, 2015.







Manoj Sahay posted as PD, Local Bodies, CAG, New Delhi

Manoj Sahay, Accountant General (A&E), Jharkhand, Ranchi, has been transferred and posted as Principal Director (Local Bodies) in this office of CAG. He is a 1994 batch IA&AS officer.







Anoop Srivastava posted as IG, Crime & Intelligence, Railway Board

Anoop Srivastava, presently Inspector General, RPSF, Railway Board, has now been posted as Inspector General, Crime & Intelligence, Railway Board.






Ms Jaya Singh appointed IG, RPSF, Railway Board

Ms Jaya Singh, Director, JRRPF Academy, Lucknow, has been appointed Inspector General, RPSF, Railway Board.








Nirmal Singh posted as IG, Administration, Railway Board

Nirmal Singh, Chief Security Commissioner, North East Frontier Railway, has been posted as Inspector General, Administration, Railway Board.







Dhruv Singh posted as ED, Railway Board

Dhruv Singh presently in Rail Coach Factory, Rae Bareli has been appointed Executive Director, Pay Commission-I, Railway Board. He is an IRAS officer.







G Gouri Sankar repatriated to parent cadre

G Gouri Sankar, who was on deputation to Andhra Pradesh Government, has been repatriated to parent cadre Ministry of Communications & IT. He is an ITS officer.







Capt B B Sinha selected as CMD, SCI (UPDATED)

Capt B B Sinha, Director, SCI, has been selected for the post of Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Shipping Corporation of India Limited (SCI) at a Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) meeting held on June 29, 2015. As many as seven persons were interviewed for the same.






Ms Rita Raj transferred to Northern Railway (UPDATED)

Ms Rita Raj presently Director (FM), Railway Board has been transferred and posted in the cadre of Northern Railway. She is an IRTS officer.






Ms Aswathy appointed Deputy Director, LBSNAA, Mussoorie (UPDATED)

Ms Aswathy S has been appointed as Deputy Director at Deputy Secretary level in the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), Mussoorie. She is a 2003 batch IAS officer of Orissa cadre.
(We said this on June 15, 2015)






Ram Chandra Meena deputed as OSD to Ram Vilas Paswan (UPDATED)

Ram Chandra Meena has been deputed as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to Ram Vilas Paswan, Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution. He is a 1992 batch IRS-IT officer.






Lal Ram Gugarwal deputed as OSD to Prof. Sanwar Lal Jat (UPDATED)

Lal Ram Gugarwal has been deputed as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to Prof. Sanwar Lal Jat, Minister of State for Water Resources, River & Ganga Rejuvenation. He is a Rajasthan Administrative Service officer.








Bureaucracy in UPA regime and under NDA government

Is functioning of bureaucracy better under the present NDA rule or in the UPA regime.

Send your brief specific views to or





Bhalla appointed CS of India Glycols Ltd

India Glycols Limited has appointed Kapil Bhalla as Company Secretary of the company w.e.f. June 24, 2015. India Glycols holds the distinction of being the only green petrochemical company of its kind.






Two Addl. Directors appointed on Board of VA Tech Wabag Limited

VA Tech Wabag Limited has appointed Malay Mukherjee and S Varadarajan as additional directors of the company - an Indian multinational with headquarters in Chennai, India. The company is a pure-play water technology company focussed on water treatment for municipal and industrial users.






Sanghavi appointed Independent Director of Shree Surgovind Tradelink Ltd

Shree Surgovind Tradelink Ltd has appointed Chirag Sanghavi as Independent Non-Executive Director of the company







Ms Santosh appointed Head of Nokia Networks Technology Center, Bengaluru

Ms Rupa Santosh has been appointed as its Head of Nokia Networks Technology Center in Bengaluru.





Khanna appointed Independent Director of Munoth Capital Markets Ltd

Munoth Capital Markets Ltd has appointed Sumit Khanna as an Independent Director of the company.





Thomas appointed F&B Director of The Suryaa, New Delhi

Sanjay Thomas has been appointed as Food and Beverages Director of The Suryaa, New Delhi









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Bureaucracy happier under UPA

Bureaucracy was happier under the UPA Government because of less accountability and less control of political executive. It is inherent nature of bureaucracy to have a free hand without adequate responsibility.

P K Sharma DGP (Retd)

Disappearing act

It is really surprising that officers holding official passport can disappear and govt does nothing.

O P Verma

Partisan reporting

Are you a stooge to the IAS biradari ?It is evident from your partisan reporting.

Don't ignore other services.

Vidya Shankar

Let the Govt. surrender Parliament canteen subsidy

One can imagine how much subsidies are being given to Parliament canteen. Govt. is asking people to surrender gas subsidy which is used for cooking food in most of the houses. Let the Government without any excuses to surrender subsidy and the food should be available on actual rates and price. Every MP and minister can afford to pay real price why this subsidy is being given? As a role model, please stop all subsidies to parliament canteen.

N Prakash

Jalan outstanding

Jalan is an outstanding officer par excellence , he is a performer and excellent Executor, I wish he gets Big Economic Ministry .

D S Negi

Congratulations Tshering

Congratulations Tshering on your empanelment. Hope all is well. Convey my best wishes to Himangshu.For the sake of recollection I belong to IRPs 1982 batch and currently posted as CPO Central Railway Mumbai. Am husband of Maitreyee a friend of your sis Donna.

Amit Brahmo

Modi not taking action as expected

The empire is hitting back .Instead of forming an Anti-corruption Tribunal with sitting HC Judges with prosecuting and punishing powers if necessary even amending the constitution, for speedily bringing to book all the UPA looters, Modi has apparently taken the advice of Jaitley and taken the existing slow legal path. CWG, 2G, Coalgate, BEML, HDW, Helicopter, Vadra land deals and all other scams investigations are proceeding in the usual snail's pace which may take decades to complete. Even in the case of the promise of bringing back the Swiss black money, Modi is taking UPA's diabolical double taxation route inspite of the objections of eminent lawyers like Ram Jathmalani. None of these criminals have been punished even though one year has passed after NDA came to power. People who expected a quick action from Modi as promised in his election speeches are all disappointed. He continued with UPA's hand picked officials. His environment minister with no commitment is busy doling out mining licences in critical areas, diluting even the much diluted Kasturirangan report and clipping the wings of the Green Tribunal. Meanwhile Modi is going around the world to get an international leader's halo around him. After lying low for a year, now the Sonia and Congress are hitting back. Every trivial issue will be brought out to discredit NDA. The empire has understood Modi and is hitting back and hitting hard. The civil war is on.

N Krishnan

Quality delivery more important

I agree with AK Saxena. Quality delivery is more important rather than mere punctuality and presence in the office. Best would be reorganize the sitting arrangements. Head of the Division i.e. Joint Secretary and down including the section may all sit in one hall with separate cabin for each employee. There will be pin drop silence and everyone will be working. Meetings should be conducted in Meeting/Conference rooms. This leaves no room for gossips and also quick movement of files/papers. PS/PAs cadre be dispensed with altogether.

Harish Kumar

Unequal distribution of work

The question of punctuality and working hard is a matter of an individual. Further, work is not equally distributed amongst employees in the Government and logically it cannot be also. Some seat may have large amount of work, some may not and some seat may have a seasonal nature of work (which at times becomes 24 hours). In such a situation if two government employees talk and exchange pleasantries, what is wrong in such a tense filled world Mr. Saxena. Keeping quite is sign of selfishness.

A Srivastava








Disclosure of the reasons for the decision taken by the Supreme Court

The appellant sought for the copy of judicial record related to the case decided by the Supreme Court of India and the reasons for some of the conclusions reached in that order. The Public Information Officer (PIO) advised the appellant to deposit a certain amount of money for getting the copy of the order and informed him that it is beyond the scope of the PIO's duty to offer any justification/explanation for the orders passed by the Supreme Court of India. The First Appellate Authority (FAA) endorsed the views of the PIO. The Central Information Commission rejected the appeal observing that if there are certain conclusions in the order, the reasons for those conclusions have to be found out in the order itself. The PIO cannot interpret the order and come out with his own justifications.


Explanations cannot be sought under the RTI Act. There are many cases where the judge has not given any reasons or justification for coming to a conclusion. The only remedy available is to go for an appeal. However, if a case is thrown out with a single word "dismissed" by the apex court, there is very little option for an individual.

Citation: Ahsan Halim v. Supreme Court of India in File No. CIC/SM/A/2011/000789

No. CIC/SH/A/2014/001245 File No. CIC/SH/A/2014/002761
File No. CIC/SH/A/2014/002763 File No. CIC/SH/A/2014/002760 File No. CIC/SH/A/2014/

Weekly article by Dr. (Mrs.) Anuradha Verma (, RTI Consultant to IIM, Indore. Her other articles can be read at

(, RTI Consultant to IIM, Indore and Co-author of the books: RIGHT TO INFORMATION - LAW AND PRACTICE and PIO's Guide to RTI by Taxmann. (The views are Personal)









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