-Yesterday Whispers 2nd December, 2016 - (Updated At 10:09PM)
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What people say about us!

Amazing-how come you have sustained whispers for the last 16 years without a break even for a day ?.
A N Srivastava




This is History (444)
Lenin had clear and definite views-he would countenance no weakening, no compromise, because he was afraid that otherwise opportunists would flood their party.





Why is corruption at its peak in BJP ruled states ?
Though there has been no corruption case in the GoI under Modi regime, people ask why is it so that corruption at its peak in BJP ruled states ?





Why is RSS silent on demonetization ?

It is a mystery that why is RSS silent on demonetization ? There has been not a single statement from any RSS leader either in favour or against demonetization.



Baba Ramdev to be Number two in the country ?
If his business continues to rise in a similar manner, people say that the day is not far off when Baba Ramdev will be Number two after Mukesh Ambani in the country.





Aap se special pyaar hai ...itne saalo se.
So I feel I should let my friend know if I am missing out on something I do regularly on his Site.
My Respected Friend is in Delhi and we decide to meet at The Habitat Centre. And over a Three Course Continental Meal we start chatting.
Me:: On Gold there is a clarification to scotch the rumors.....
Respected Friend: Frankly Modi must have non-productiveness of Gold Holdings in mind...Indians hoard Gold as security ....vanity ...and for Marriages....I think there should be some way to make Indians reduce their Gold Holdings for Vanity purposes and for Security ...Marriages.....go in for Gold Bonds...in this way a major chunk of Gold Holdings would turn productive!!! Indians would have to be enticed to do this...more prudent way...the only way go break tradition ...
M: Now Bengal FM has made GST the bargaining card.... many would decipher his statement as so.....
RF: His logic is State Government's losing Revenue because of Demonitisation. ...
M: Yes he now wants State FMs to deliberate ...calls Demonitisation and GST a double whammy. .
RF: Fact is both will be a Double Sundae for the economy ....but Politics is hurting India's attempts to change for the better... achaa... I hear TMC made a issue about the Commercial Plane which Mamtha was in making a Emergency Landing ..
M: Yes TMC is giving it a conspiracy twist ..
RF: Usually Planes have reserve fuel to fly to the nearest airport from the destination Airport in case of an emergency ...its said that three commercial airlines were found short of this reserve fuel ... the plane Mamtha was travelling hovered for some time and made an Emergency Landing. ..
M: Arre if she misses a step by mistake TMC will say BJP tripped her ... this is the mindset prevailing today...
RF: I've been noting TV Channels send their Reporters to interview people standing in ATM/Bank queues ...and many Reporters try to needle those they interview ...however 80% say they are being inconvenienced but they are with the Government on Demonitisation..
M: Yes on one Channel the interviewee said ...taqleef hai ..mushqil hai ..toh kya!!
RF: One well known Anchor nowadays spends his afternoons interviewing Public in queues ..and he's tenacious to get a negative response ...twists the questions to get the answer he's looking for..
M: Too much Bawaal day in and out. ..
RF: By the way today's Bawaal… hacking of Rahul and Congress's Twitter accounts ... Congress is questioning Digital Security ...
RF: Even before an Investigation they are pronouncing BJP guilty..for all you know could be a disgruntled insider ....many times more secure Sites have been hacked ..I think what Congress would be worried about is the Direct Messages in both accounts!! Maybe next we will get CongiLeaks...desi version of WikiLeaks!
M:Now it's being said the Server was hacked into ..one Congress Spokesman even tweeted that Digitization was unsafe as the account of even an SPG protectee could be hacked.
RF: What has SPG got to do with Cyber activities of its protectees ....prudent way would have been to do an in-house investigation before pointing fingers...
M: And attacking Digitization is like saying don't use Electricity because it can give shock and even electrocute ...so actually it's Demonetization that's in their sights...
RF: Yes like 3 planes technically low on fuel ..in one Didi was travelling ... Demonetization is being blamed.... Airlines do not have money to buy Fuel because of Demonitization ...what a joke ......they will blame Demonetization for all problems!! Ha...ha... this is for sure in Luytens. ... Chemists are having record sales of Sleeping and Diarrhea medicines ..yes the sufferers can very rightly blame Demonetization!!!
M: Today my turn for a joke ...After the crass comment Rabdi made about Nitish and Sushil Modi ...Chaara Laloo ne khaya (notionally) aur gobbar Rabdi karr rahi hai (notionally)..
Disclaimer: Satire. Not meant to influence or inform. With inputs from MSM, SM and Blogs







Asthana is ad-hoc Chief of CBI

Rakesh Asthana, Additional Director has been given additional charge of Director, CBI . He is a 1984 batch Gujarat cadre IPS officer. In a late night move, R. K Dutta Spl Director, CBI was appointed Special Secretary, MHA. Rahul Asthana's batchmate Y C Modi of Assam-Meghalaya cadre who is also Additional Director in the CBI is junior to him .
( We said this only yesterday )





Sanjay Kothari takes over as Chairperson of PESB

Sanjay Kothari, former Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), has taken over the charge as Chairperson, Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB). The post was lying vacant since November 25, 2016. He is a 1978 batch retired IAS officer of Haryana cadre.
(We said this on Nov 30 morning)





Kutty is new Chief Secretary Delhi Government

MM Kutty has assumed office as the new Chief Secretary of Delhi Government. He is 1985 batch IAS officer of UT cadre.
(We said this on November 30 )






K K Sharma relieved to join GoI

Delhi Chief Secretary K K Sharma has been relieved to join Government of India as Secretary, Higher Education. He is a 1983 batch IAS officer of AGMUT cadre. He will join as OSD .






Next Higher Edu Secretary is junior to School Edu Secretary

In the Ministry of HRD, newly appointed Higher Education Secretary K K Sharma is two batch junior to School Education and Literacy Secretary, Anil Swarup. Sharma is AGMUT cadre 1983 batch IAS officer while Swarup is a UP cadre 1981 batch IAS officer.






Official Language Department sees six Secretaries in two years

Official Language Department (Rajbhasa Vibhag) in the Government of India has seen six Secretaries in two years. Four in 2016 only, But the good thing is that none of them retired from this department but transferred to other ministries. Hem Chandra Pande was secretary for less than two months, the shortest period while Girish Shankar enjoyed the post for five months.






Railway Minister gets three Private Secretaries in a year?

In a period of one year, the Ministry of Railways witnessed three Private Secretaries with first one of them declining the post in spite of posting orders. As soon as Railway Minister, Prabhakar Prabhu took over the charge, a 2004 batch IAS officer of Tamil Nadu cadre Maruti Pingale Vijay Maruti was appointed as Private Secretary, but he refused the offer. Then post was offered to Dr Sanjeev Kumar, a 2003 batch IAS officer of Maharashtra cadre. He served around six months and returned to parent cadre. The Ministry appointed a 2005 batch IAS officer of AGMUT cadre, Ashish Madhaorao More whose tenure was curtailed and posted to DoPT.






Will Chairman's post be ex-cadre?

It is said that Chairman, CWC post is likely to be ex-cadre. Matter is likely to be put up before cabinet for approval. At present the Chairman's post cadre post of CWRES Officers. One more move is said to be underway to merge CWC and CGWC and create National Water Commission






Ravindra Gupta takes over Member (Rolling Stock), Railway Board

Ravindra Gupta has taken over the charge as a new Member (Rolling Stock), Railway Board and ex-officio Secretary to the Government of India. He belongs to 1975 batch of Special Class Apprentice (SCA). Prior to this appointment, he was General Manager, South Central Railway.

(We said this on August 16 )





Central deputation tenure of Ms Jyoti Arora extended

The central deputation tenure of Ms Jyoti Arora, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Power has been extended upto January 5, 2017. She is a 1987 batch IAS officer of Haryana cadre.





ACC to consider extension to inter cadre deputation of Mrs Gurneet Tej

The Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC) will consider the extension proposal of Mrs Gurneet Tej to the inter cadre deputation from Karnataka to Punjab for a period of two years. She is a 2006 batch IAS officer of Karnataka cadre.






D V Singh joins as CMD, THDC India Ltd

Dhirendra Veer Singh, Director (Technical), Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC) India Limited, has taken over the charge as Chairman-cum-Managing Director, THDC India Limited.
(We said this on July 21, 2016)






Rathore takes over as Director (Tech), RITES

Mukesh Rathore, ED (QA), RITES, has taken over the charge as Director (Technical), RITES Limited. He succeeds present incumbent S B Malik retired on November 30, 2016.
(We said this on July 20, 2016)





R G Rao assumes charge as MD, HNL

Rokkam Gopala Rao, Director (Finance), IL lien with RINL, has taken over the charge as Managing Director, Hindustan Newsprint Limited (HNL).
(We said this on March 17, 2006)





Suresh Mehra promoted as GM, joins Health Insurance TPA

Suresh Kumar Mehra on promotion as General Manager has joined Health Insurance TPA of India Ltd on deputation from Oriental Insurance company Ltd.






Keshav Kumar empanelled as ADG in GoI

Keshav Kumar has been empanelled for holding Additional Director General level posts in Government of India. He is a 1986 batch IPS officer of Gujarat cadre.






Deepak Choudhary empanelled as DIG in GoI

Deepak Choudhary has been empanelled for holding Deputy Inspector General (DIG) level posts in Government of India. He is a 2002 batch IPS officer of Assam Meghalaya cadre.






Ghanshyam Singh is also GM, CLW

Ghanshyam Singh has been given an additional charge as General Manager, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW). He is an IRSEE officer.






Vashishta Johri gets additional charge of GM, SCR

Vashishta Johri has been assigned an additional charge as General Manager, South Central Railway. He is an IRSME officer.






Vinay Goel gets charge of Presiding Officer, DRT, Lucknow

Vinay Goel has been given an additional charge of the post of Presiding Officer, DRT, Lucknow till March 31, 2017.






Tenure of Anoop Bhadwa as IGF, NAEB extended

The deputation tenure of Anoop Badhwa on the post of Inspector General of Forests (IGF), National Afforestation and Eco-development Board (NAEB), has been extended for a period of three months with effect from December 2, 2016. He is a 1984 batch IFS officer of Maharashtra cadre.







G R K Murthy promoted to PCCA grade

G R K Murthy has been promoted to the grade of Principal Chief Controller of Accounts in the HAG pay scale. He is an officer of the Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS).






AYCL is headless since April 2015

The post of Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD), Andrew Yule & Co. Limited (AYCL) has been lying vacant since April 2015.





GoI likely to disinvest a profit making Steel PSU ?

The Government of India is believed to be considering disinvesting a profit making PSU under the Ministry of Steel.






Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited falls into decline

Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL) has fallen into a decline, due to slow growth in steel demand, falling prices on account of global steel glut leading to import of steel at every low prices resulting in surge in steel imports during 2014-15 and 2015-16, with registering a loss of Rs 1421 crore.





Gangopadhaya to succeed Agarwal as Director (Proj), PFC on Jan1

Chinmoy Gangopadhaya, ED, PFC, will be taking over the charge as Director (Project), Power Finance Corporation Limited on January 1, 2017. He will succeed present incumbent A K Agarwal retiring on December 31, 2016.






Additional charge of Director (Fin), BBNL to Anand to continue till Jan

Manoj Anand will hold the additional charge of the post of Director (Finance), Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) till January 28, 2017.





Ms Lalnuntluangi Tochhhawng promoted to PCCA grade

Ms Lalnuntluangi Tochhhawng has been promoted to the grade of Principal Chief Controller of Accounts in the HAG pay scale. He is an officer of the Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS).






Four IRS-IT officers get additional charges

Four IRS-IT officers have been given additional charges. Accordingly, P C Modi has been given an additional charge of DGIT(Inv.), Jaipur while P C Modi gets charge of DGIT(Inv.), Jaipur and Neena Kumar was given the charge of CCIT, Jodhpur. Besides, S K Dash has been given an additional charge of CCIT-5, Kolkata and CCIT(TDS), Kolkata and Maheshwari is also CCIT-1, Kolkata.





Ashima Mehrotra relieved to join as Director, Tourism

Ashima Mehrotra has been relieved to join as Director, Ministry of Tourism in Government of India. She is an IRTS officer.





Post demonetization, Sumeet Jerath deputed to assess situation in Meghalaya

Sumeet Jerath, Additional Secretary, External Affairs has been deputed to undertake field visit in Meghalaya for making on the spot assessment of the situation after cancellation of legal tender of high denomination bank notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000.






Post demonetization, Barun Mitra deputed to assess situation in Manipur

Barun Mitra, Joint Secretary,